Photo by @jfannonphoto

LA LOUPE DESIGN has its origins in Buenos Aires, Argentina where Jorgelina Lopez, a Textile Designer, started exploring fiber as a tridimensional form inspired by the dynamic of natural structures.

After moving to Baltimore, MD, with her partner Marco Duenas, a wood and cross-disciplinary artist, the couple started working together and  La Loupe Design was officially founded in 2016.

The name La Loupe, (from French loupe which means “magnifying glass”) arises from the idea of observation and discovery.  Influenced both from Japanese and Mid-Century design La Loupe incorporates different textile techniques - such as printing, dyeing, and weaving- with traditional woodworking.

Along with their lighting collection, the couple also creates wall art and home decor accessories exploring the connection between contemporary design and traditional crafts; finding inspiration in geometric patterns and forms in nature.

Each piece is designed and built by hand in their textile studio and woodshop in Baltimore, Maryland.