Meet Marco and Jorgelina, the husband-and-wife duo behind LA LOUPE - A Baltimore-based design studio creating handcrafted interior lighting and home decor objects.


La Loupe has its origins in Buenos Aires, Argentina where Jorgelina Lopez, a Textile Designer, started exploring fiber as a tridimensional form. In 2016, after moving to the USA, with her partner Marco Duenas, a wood and cross-disciplinary artist, the couple started working in collaboration to create their first lighting collection in 2017. 


Influenced by 20th-century art and design movements, geometric forms and clean lines are reflected in the pieces  they craft. Their collections are inspired by the process of working with traditional craft techniques and exploring their relationship with contemporary design. The name La Loupe - french for "magnifying glass"- represents this process of exploration and discovery, and a symbol of observation and visual attention that they bring to their designs. 

From idea to design, from production to packaging, each piece is handcrafted by them.  Having hands in each step of the process of bringing a creative idea to life is a practice that drives them and connects them with the objects they made.

Through their work, they aim to create timeless, innovative, and finely handmade pieces finding the beautiful balance between craft, art, and design.