Our shades are not collapsable and they are shipped already assembled and ready to hang. When unpacking or handling your new lampshade,  if some of the creases pop up, you can easily fix them by gently pushing the crease back into place. 


All our lampshades are made of laminated linen fabric. The material softly diffuses the light showing the beautiful texture of the linen and letting some of the folding lines of our origami shades shine brightly emphasizing the geometric pattern. Linen is made of the fibers of the flax plant, and because of the natural variation in the fiber, characteristic slubs appear in both warp and weft.


Remember to wash your hands before handling your lampshade. Keep the shade clean regularly by using a crevice tool vacuum cleaner attachment for hard-to-reach areas - make sure the attachment is clean. To blow off loose dust and lint, we also recommend as an option, the use of an air duster or air blower. For pet hair, you can use masking tape or packing tape pressing the sticky part of the tape gently into the fabric.

For small marks and scuffs, we recommend the use of any stain remover product. Apply the product to the area affected, let it work for 5 minutes, and rub gently with a lightly wet and clean old toothbrush. Do not wash or rinse the area. Depending on the type of stain it may require multiple applications. Let it dry between each application.

We stand behind the quality of our work and with proper care, your shade should last for many years to come. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions about your shade. We are very happy to help.



The light bulb selection plays an essential part in creating the mood of the space.

Our shades include a soft white temperature LED light bulb with a mid-range lumen (800 lumens) that gives a nice warm, soft, and gentle glow to create a welcoming space. This lighting is perfect for bedrooms and dining, and other areas that require more light providing a beautiful and diffused ambient light that accentuates the geometric pattern and the beautiful texture of the linen material. 

While all our lighting fixtures (Plug-in cord and canopy set) can operate with a 60-max lightbulb when using them with our shades, they should operate ONLY with LED Lightbulb to avoid overheating - detailed in the instruction and maintenance included with each lamp. If you want or need to replace the lightbulb check our quick lighting guide that will help you to choose the right LED Lightbulb for your space.


An 8.5 W LED light bulb is included with all our lamps (8.5w Soft White/60W Equiv - 800 Lumens/Non-dimmable​

NOTE: Our lamps have types A and type B outlet plugs. Mainly used in the USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan. Designed for 120V and have E26 lamp holders.